Recall Training - The Easy Way - The Pet Friends

Teaching your puppy good manners is essential and it is possible with effective dog training. Recall training is an integral part of good manners, and a well-trained puppy will better understand his owner's commands. Recall training means that your dog learns to come to you when you call and to put aside whatever he is doing.

In this article, we will discuss dog recall training.

How to introduce recall training?

To introduce recall training, take your dog outside in your backyard and make sure he is on a long leash. After that, follow the steps below for recall training

  • Since your dog is in the initial stage of training, stay relaxed and gradually move away from him by taking baby steps.
  • Ask your dog to stay using a finger or flat hand.
  • When you reach few steps away from your dog, wait at least five seconds before calling your dog.
  • Now call your dog and make him think that coming to you or getting close to you is the best thing for him, and then you will reward him with treats and toys.
  • As your dog begins to understand the recall command, you can gradually increase the distance. Similarly, you should move to a more distracting area such as at the park.
  • After a few repetitions, start calling your dog without showing him any treats, but when he comes to you, reward him with his favorite dog treats, such as beef liver or chicken.
  • It is important to understand that patience and consistency are keys to dog training.


Recall training means that every time you call your dog, he should come back to you. Similarly, increase the distance and repeat this command again and again until your dog turns pro.