Train Your Dog To Stay - The Easy Way

It is very important to teach your dog how to 'stay' or 'wait.' Stay command can prevent your dog from facing many dangerous situations, such as when crossing roads or when guests are over. Stay command will also help teach impulse control, and your dog will remain calm. Let's discuss some simple steps by which you can train your dog to stay.

How To Train Your Dog To Stay?

Training your dog to stay is possibly one of the difficult commands to teach. The reason is that dogs don't like to sit still, and they love to run around. However, this command can be mastered through regular dog training. The steps listed below can help you teach your dog the "stay" command.

  • First of all, command your dog to go down.
  • You can do this with a hand signal, help by putting your hand on the front, palm facing your dog.
  • As your dog goes down, wait a few seconds, say the command to stay, and then reward him. Don't give him the reward right away. Give him a dog treat when he is still lying on the ground.
  • Repeat this command over and over in short sessions. As your dog begins to understand the command, increase the duration of the down position.
  • Now take a few steps back and command your dog to go down again and say "stay."
  • Increase the distance gradually, but do not increase it too soon.
  • If your dog is a slow learner and breaks the stay command, don't punish him. Instead, practice several times a day.


Dogs are full of energy, and it will be difficult for them to stay in one position, and eventually, they will give up. But take a break and try again, as the "stay" command is essential for dog training.