Free Delivery when you spend over £50

Free Delivery when you spend over £50

Dog Walking

What We Offer

The Pet Friends offer a dog walking service to keep your pet fit and healthy.

Walking your dog is important for not only their health but for mental stimulation. Dogs require something to keep there mind occupied and need to burn some energy otherwise bad behaviour can occur.

The Pet Friends will collect your dog and take them for a walk to new places, and to meet new friends, this service is great if your dog is home alone all day or even for elderly people who struggle to walk their dog.

After the walk your dog will safely be returned home and given fresh water, and even washed down if required.

With winter drawing in why not let The Pet Friends exercise your dog so you don’t have to go out in the miserable winter weather, meaning you can spend more time with your beloved pet in front of the fire.

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